.2019 - Volume 12, No 1

The Educational Evaluation in LOMCE Curriculum in Primary: Analysis of the Autonomic Curricula in Physical Education

Fernando Manuel Otero-Saborido and Francisco Javier Vázquez-Ramos

Asssessment is one of the aspects that determines the entire teaching-learning process. Due to its ethical connotations it is a process that must be analyzed. Therefore, the general purpose of this work was to perform an analysis of the evaluation aspects in Physical Education comparing the 17 regional curricula that emanate from the state regulation prescribed in Royal Decree 126/2014. To this end, a documentary analysis was carried out as an instrument to obtain information on the 17 regional regulations that develop the evaluation aspects in Physical Education. After the circulation by a group of experts, a total of 12 variables were analyzed and analyzed. The results of the analysis show the tendency to elimination to the area objectives, the preponderant increase of criteria (M = 61.53) and, above all, of learning standards (M = 200.24) than the majority of curriculums sequencing by educational levels. Likewise, it is worth highlighting the almost nonexistence in most Autonomous Communities of guidelines for a more educational evaluation in the area of Physical Education.

. Key words

Formative assessment; Learning standards; Evaluation criteria; Measurement; Primary education.

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. Reference

Otero-Saborido, F. M., & Vázquez-Ramos, F. J. (2019). La evaluación educativa en el currículo LOMCE en primaria: Análisis de los currículos autonómicos en educación física [The educational evaluation in LOMCE curriculum in primary: Analysis of the autonomic curricula in physical education]. Revista Iberoamericana de Evaluación Educativa, 12(1), 47-58.