.2009 - Volumen 2, Número 1
Evaluation of Civic and Ethic education in México. A look at 3rd grade of elementary school and 3rd grade of secondary school
    Oscar Barrera  

Evaluated for further processing. This is the ethical purpose of all macro-level assessment. Knowing what strengths and weaknesses of the Mexican educational system is a task that has begun to be important in contributing to democratic life in Mexico and to comply with the rights and guarantees that the State should respect its citizens. Civic Education and Civic Education and Ethics in primary and secondary, respectively, reflect the needs of the citizens in the country. The results are not encouraging. Unlike, the Mexican state has serious problems in training people, especially in rural and indigenous education and has strengthened the private schools, as distinct from its constitutional obligations. This article will make a brief overview of the results of 3rd primary approaches and some of the results of 3rd high school in the subjects of Civic Education and Civic Education and Ethics in Mexico.

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Assessment, civic education, civic education and ethics.
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Barrera, O. (2009). La Evaluación de la Educación Cívica y Ética en México. Un Recorrido por 3º de Primaria y 3º de Secundaria. Revista Iberoamericana de Evaluación Educativa, 2 (1), pp. 114-129.
http://www.rinace.net/riee/numeros/vol2-num1/art6.pdf. Cited (Date).

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