.2009 - Volumen 2, Número 1
The Evaluation of Learning of Adults and Young People
    María Eugenia Letelier  

The evaluation of the learning skills of young and adult people is a subject which requires a strong push to further itself, and thus respond to the growing needs of Adult Education policies for implementing follower and evaluating systems. The results of these evaluations deliver fundamental information to orient and drive educational policies. In this way, teacher formation, the creation of educational material, pedagogy and specific didactics in different disciplines, are aspects in which a technically well constructed evaluation can contribute, by bringing valuable experiences.

This article begins with a bird’s eye view of recent advances in the evaluation of adult learning. Assuming that this field requires concepts and methodology of its own, it focuses upon three central concepts: What specific aspects must be considered in evaluating the learning process of young and adult subjects? What strains and difficulties face said evaluations? How to advance the evaluation of the learning process in the education of young people and adults?

    .Key words  
Learning process evaluation, young people and adult education, competency focus, accreditation system.
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Letelier, M.E. (2009). La Evaluación de Aprendizajes de Personas Jóvenes y Adultas. Revista Iberoamericana de Evaluación Educativa, 2 (1), pp. 147-161.
http://www.rinace.net/riee/numeros/vol2-num1/art8.pdf. Cited (Date).

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