2018 - Vol. 7 Num. 2
Educar las Emociones con un Sentido Pedagógico: Un Aporte a la Justicia Social

Educate the Emotions with a Pedagogical Sense: A Contribution to Social Justice
The theoretical discussion on emotions in education is currently in a period of academic boom. From ancient times to the late twentieth century they were considered by influential theorists as a factor that hindered cognitive processes, so that the dualist philosophy was very suitable for educational purposes, however, in the twenty-first century different scientific discoveries have consolidated an approach that integrates reason and emotion, as aspects that complement and are inseparable. In the present essay, the need to value emotions with a pedagogical sense in formal education is explained, recognizing in this way its subjective content and its connection with reasoning. In addition, the problem of standardizing the value of emotions in different educational contexts is noted, highlighting that the same emotion can be considered positive or negative, in relation to the conceptual aspect that is associated. It can be concluded that to promote the construction of good emotions in the students, it is essential to address the quality of reasoning and subjective feelings in different social situations.
Key words
Emotional development; Educational quality; Social justice; Teachers; Educational sciences.
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Mujica, F., Inostroza, C., & Orellana, N. (2018). Educar las emociones con un sentido pedagógico: Un aporte a la justicia social [Educate the emotions with a pedagogical sense: A contribution to social justice]. Revista Internacional de Educación para la Justicia Social, 7(2), 113-127.