2020 - Vol. 9 Num. 3e
Manifiesto en Tiempos de Pandemia: Por una Educación Crítica, Intergeneracional, Sostenible y Comunitaria

A Manifest in a Time of Pandemic: For a Communitarian, Sustainable, Intergenerational and Critical Education
Edgar Iglesias, Javier González-Patiño, José Luis Lalueza y Moisés Esteban-Guitart
The emergency resulting from the coronavirus pandemic reminds us that, as human beings, we share a common challenge. Recently, it has been suggested that Covid-19 pandemic involve a “world perezhivanie”, a collective and traumatic “lived experience”, characterized by a profound crisis that affects not only our health, but also our economic, social, political and educational systems. In the light of this situation, we need to critically re-imagine education in 21st century. In this theoretical paper, we propose two principles designed to overcome three common biases in our understanding of learning and education. From these assumptions, we describe and illustrate the meaning and practice behind an inter-generational, personalized, shared, connected and sustainable education, based on a culture and praxis that is caring and involved, that allows us to consolidate processes of educational transformation and improvement.
Key words
Social justice; Pedagogies of disruption; Caring; Equity; Pandemic; Post-Covid-19 education.
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Iglesias Vidal, E., González-Patiño, J., Lalueza, J. L., & Esteban-Guitart, M. (2020). Manifiesto en tiempos de pandemia: Por una educación crítica, intergeneracional, sostenible y comunitaria [A manifest in a time of pandemic: For a communitarian, sustainable, intergenerational and critical education]. Revista Internacional de Educación para la Justicia Social, 9(3e), 181-198.