2020 - Vol. 9 Num. 3e
Marcas de la Pandemia: El Derecho a la Educación Afectado

The Pandemic Traces: The Stricken Right to Education
This article focusses on the implications that the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) has had on the right to education. From an international point of view, it is taking some educational indicators to see how schooling was affected during the coronavirus outbreaks, and how pedagogical dimensions of the right to education are neglected consequently. At the beginning, I undertook a systematic review of the definition of the concept of right to education from both, the human rights based approach, and also, according to the State responsibilities to guarantee to people the access to formal education. Then, I analyzed the educational consequences of school closures from macro- and micro-level perspectives. The purpose here is to measure the pedagogical implications that distance learning programs (through digital learning platforms) could have on the right to education when they are implemented by governments and institutions, in short time. That is to say without enough teaching planning beforehand. Finally, I explored some scenarios and challenges that States and authorities should face in order to guarantee the right to education as a constitutional human right.
Key words
Right to education; Pandemic, School closures; Education policies; Distance learning.
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Ramón Ruiz, G. (2020). Marcas de la pandemia: El derecho a la educación afectado [The pandemic traces: The stricken right to education]. Revista Internacional de Educación para la Justicia Social, 9(e3), 45-59.