2020 - Vol. 9 Num. 3e
Reflexiones Educativas para el posCovid-19. Recordando el Futuro

Educational Reflections for the postCovid-19. Remembering the Future
The Covid-19 health crisis that is plaguing the world today will have irreversible consequences for the world of education. It is therefore inexcusable that the educational community in general, and education professionals in particular, face a profound analysis of the change in the pedagogical narrative with which we are going to have to build the future. The nature of the first reflection, which -without doubt- will be followed by many others, leads us to frame the reflection around three basic axes of the teaching-learning processes: what we teach or what we should teach, how we teach it, and what we think is more important, if possible, what we should teach for or what should be the precise objective of our education. We are committed to moving from a model focused on results, on the accumulation of content and on memorization in the face of strictly academic evaluation, to another where the center is located in the competent learning of students, in the acquisition of skills and training of resources, social and personal, that allow us to face the adversities of life. Transmit knowledge and teach to "earn a living", no doubt, but educate to "understand life" in a world in permanent change, too. Citizenship, coexistence, equity, social justice, integration of the digital, emotional management, resilience, affective closeness, or hope, will be some of the necessary vectors for winning the future of education.
Key words
Education; School; Teaching; Learning; Online education.
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López Martín, R. (2020). Reflexiones educativas para el posCovid-19. Recordando el futuro [Educational reflections for the postCovid-19. Remembering the future]. Revista Internacional de Educación para la Justicia Social, 9(3e), 127-140.