2020 - Vol. 9 Num. 3e
Incidencia del Estado de Alarma en la Desigualdad Escolar de la Adolescencia Acogida por el Sistema de Protección en Galicia

Incidence of the State of Alarm on School Inequality of Adolescents within the Protection System in Galicia
Students with administrative protection records are the protagonists of most of the academic itineraries of school exclusion. The declaration of the state of alarm, motivated by the health alert of Covid-19, leads to a change in the school dynamics of the students. This research aims to analyze which aspects of educational planning, as well as the collaboration between teachers and professionals of the specific protection resources of Galicia during the state of alarm, have an impact on the inclusion or exclusion of students in social difficulty. Eleven longitudinal follow-ups are carried out with 11 adolescents, five boys and six girls. The study is based on the grounded theory with the intention of triangulating the discourses derived from the interviews with students and instrumental case studies involving 14 professionals. The sample of educational teams consists of 11 female educators and 3 male educators. The results highlight that the dynamics of school inequality have increased during the period of the state of alarm, observing that the contact between students and teachers is reduced, which leads to deficits in the students' homework; and that the collaboration between the professionals in the protection system and the school is limited to timely exchanges of information. These results underline that, during the state of alarm motivated by the current health crisis, the school and education policies in Galicia neglect the situation of greater social difficulty of the students under protection.
Key words
Inclusive education; Social inclusion; Disadvantaged childhood; Childhood protection; Educational strategies.
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Fernández-Simo, D., Cid Fernández, X. M., & Carrera Fernández, M. V. (2020). Incidencia del estado de alarma en la desigualdad escolar de la adolescencia acogida por el sistema de protección en Galicia [Incidence of the state of alarm on school inequality of adolescents within the protection system in Galicia]. Revista Internacional de Educación para la Justicia Social, 9(3e), 141-156.