2020 - Vol. 9 Num. 1
The Covid-19 Pandemic. An Opportunity to Think about How to Make our Educational Systems more Inclusive?
Gerardo Echeita
Special Issue: Inclusive Education for Social Justice (II)
Social Justice and Inequity in the Scientific and Technological Training of Rural Youth in the Mayan Region of Mexico: The Case of Mex
Roger J. González González and Edith J. Cisneros-Cohernour
School Experience, Diversity and Fair Citizenship. A Biographical-Narrative Study
Blas González-Alba, Pablo Cortés-González y José Ignacio Rivas-Flores
Discourses of Inclusion and Diversity among Educators of the Municipal Network of Early Childhood Education Schools in Vitoria-Gasteiz
Ana Luisa López Vélez, Mª Pilar Aristizabal and Beatriz Garay Ibañez de Elejalde
Methodological Strategies that Promote Inclusion in Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Education
Inmaculada Orozco and Anabel Moriña
Improving Response to Diversity in the Classroom through Lesson Study in Chilean Schools
Cynthia Duk and Francisco Hernández-Ojeda
Analysis about Inclusive Practice in Classroom from the Participatory Action Research. Reflections of an Educational Community
Aida Sanahuja, Lidón Moliner and Alicia Benet
Analysis of Accompaniment Situations for the Improvement of Inclusive Teaching
Claudia Méndez and Rosa Colomina
Exploratory Study on Barriers and Supports to Sense of Belonging in Secondary Education
Isabel Fernández Menor
Study of Specialized Open Classrooms as a Specific Measure of Attention to Diversity
Pilar Arnaiz and Carmen M. Caballero
Conceptual Considerations about Research on Inclusive Education in the Latin American Context
Alma Arcelia Ramírez Íñiguez
Bibliometric Study of Scientific Publications on the Perception of Families of Students with Specific Educational Support Needs
Diego Navarro, Laura Sánchez and Teresa Gómez
The Educational Response to Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Spain: An Unequal Advance
Belén de la Torre González and Elena Martín
Books reviews
Torrego, J. C. & Monge, C. (Coords.). (2019). Inclusión educativa y aprendizaje cooperativo
Ana Mª de las Heras Cuenca
McArthur, J. & Ashwin, P. (2020). Locating social justice in higher education research
Nina Hidalgo and Raquel Graña
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