2020 - Vol. 9 Num. 3e
Special Issue: Consequences of the School Closures by Covid-19 on Educational Inequalities
Resist the Covid-19. Intersections in Education in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico
Evangelina Cervantes Holguín and Pavel Roel Gutiérrez Sandoval
Educational Segregation in Times of Pandemic: Balance of Initial Actions during Social Isolation by COVID19 in Argentina
Marisa Álvarez, Natalia Gardyn, Alberto Iardelevsky and Gabriel Rebello
The Pandemic Traces: The Stricken Right to Education
Guillermo Ramón Ruiz
Covid-19, Poverty and Chiapas’ Education: Analysis of Emerging’s Educational Programs
Yliana Mérida Martínez and Luis Alan Acuña Gamboa
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