2010 - Vol. 4 Num. 1  
Towards an alternative indigenous bilingual and intercultural training:
A pedagogy of liberation from the “communality”
  Lois M. Meyer

In 2007-2008, responding to an intolerable situation of political, union, and educational repression, the Coalition of Indigenous Teachers and Promoters of Oaxaca, Mexico, (CMPIO) created an alternative preparation course for new bilingual, intercultural teachers, which we called Preparation of Teachers of Original Peoples. Committed as we were to developing a libratory pedagogy based in the values and practices of the indigenous communities, we worked in different modalities with 53 new indigenous teachers from 11 ethnolinguistic groups. This article summarizes the CMPIO’s history, its Pedagogical Movement, and the context, contents, communal commitments, and some results of this alternative teacher preparation course.

  Key words  

Community education; teacher training; bilingual training; alternative training; intercultural.

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Meyer, L. (2010). Hacia una alternativa de formación indígena bilingüe e intercultural: una pedagogía liberadora desde la “comunalidad”. Revista Latinoamericana de Educación Inclusiva, 4(1), pp. 83-103.
http://www.rinace.net/rlei/numeros/vol4-num1/art4.pdf. Cited (Date).